Discover the faster way to earn GC Award Points

Mr. Li applied for a CMBC Shangri-La Co-brand Elite Platinum Card on the recommendation of a friend. He became a Shangri-La Golden Circle Gold member when he activated his card. He then enjoyed a three-night stay at a Shangri-La hotel in Mainland China starting on a Friday, and had lunch there three times during his stay.

Mr. Li enjoyed a 20% discount on all his meals by paying with his Co-brand Credit Card at the restaurants, knocking RMB 480 off his RMB 2,400 lunch bill. On check-out, Mr. Li was pleased to find that as a cardholder he was also entitled to a free Sunday night stay (valued at RMB 3,000) so only paid RMB 6,000 for his accommodation. In total, Mr. Li paid RMB 7,920, a saving of RMB 3,480, plus he earned 1,521 GC Award Points.

The accumulation of GC Award Points is:

+ =

In the next two months, Mr. Li spent a total of RMB22,080 in other Shangri-La hotels, from which he received 2,000 GC Award Points for spending bonus and accumulated a total of 4,240 GC Award Points.

The accumulation of GC Award Points is:

+ + =

In the first 90 days, Mr. Li earned 7,762 GC Award Points, he can use these points to redeem free nights, dining and CHI, The Spa vouchers at Shangri-La hotels or resorts. He can also convert GC Award Points into airline miles with Golden Circle’s airline partners across the globe.

To discover more, please visit the Shangri-La Golden Circle website.


*Mr. Li's expenditure in the hotel was considered qualifying spending.

**Shangri-La Golden Circle’s Points Accrual on qualifying spending: USD1 or local currency equivalent = 1 GC Award Point. In this case, the RMB vs. USD exchange rate is set at 6.3:1. The number of GC Award Points may change due to exchange rate fluctuations, and is subject to the decision of Golden Circle.

GC Award Points Redemption Chart: